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Meja is a powder coating company with a selection of 200+ colors in stock, providing them with the advantage and the ability to inspire through a wide range of unique colors. We were tasked to create a compelling rebranding strategy that aligns with their distinctive approach within the industry.


We developed an introverted visual identity that seamlessly integrates with an extroverted, no-nonsense tone of voice. This approach mirrors the core character and DNA of the company — avoiding extravagance while connecting with clients on a human and equal level. By embodying their philosophy of color inspiration and advice, Meja distinguishes itself in a traditionally conservative industry.

The sphere, from which the logo is derived, acts as a container. This vital part of the brand offers space for color and imagery.

All assets contribute to the industrial character and are infused with round shapes and a personal tone of voice. Even the typography is meticulously chosen to match the brand values. Making the identity, while being modest, stand out in the industry.

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