Make Eindhoven
(former Stichting Beeldenstorm/Daglicht)


Visual identity
Webdesign & development
Graphic design


Make Eindhoven is a multi-disciplinary creative hub where makers, artists, and designers encounter no boundaries within the craft of creating. They offer knowledge and space for exploration with different materials and techniques.

Make Eindhoven originated from a merger between Beeldenstorm, a 3D workshop, and Daglicht, a 2D workshop. We were tasked with declaring the fusion and enhancing the multi-disciplinary philosophy with a unified identity.


We created an identity that adapts to various states, visually representing the ever-changing directions in the process while creating. We developed a bold and immersive website fulfilling Make Eindhoven's role as a place for knowledge in the digital territory.

The adaptive visual language forms freely within a grid of numerous squares, creating an endless variety of visual possibilities. With the distinctive character of the 90-degree corners the shapes adopt a visual consistency which enhances brand recognition.

The visual language forms into all kinds of shapes and brand assets. The most important one is the 'M'. It does not act as a logo but merely as an initial introduction and instantly recognizable asset of the brand.

Read more about our branding approach.

We created a distinctive website where all knowledge about materials and techniques can be shared.

The seamless and fully responsive integration of the adaptive identity creates a bold and one-of-a-kind digital brand experience which enhances the user-friendly interface.

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