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Vereijken's main focus is the well-being of animals in the pig industry, developing stable solutions that enhance the welfare of animals for a pleasant and vital life. Over the past decades, they collaborated with Wageningen University to create various products and systems, resulting in a range of products without a cohesive brand identity.


We were tasked to create a unified brand for Vereijken and all its products and services. We rebranded Vereijken as a label, positioning it as a one-stop-shop offering a variety of products and services. The Vereijken label consolidates all products and services into a single entity, claiming ownership and emphasizing its advantages. Resulting in a positive and clear recognition between Vereijken and its products.


We developed a modular system that seamlessly accommodates products, services, and systems. This system showcases all product benefits under a unified label, encompassing everything from brand promises and benefits to reasons to believe. All relevant information is easily visible at a single glance.

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