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Cultuur Eindhoven is the stimulating factor behind cultural institutes and festivals in Eindhoven. The foundation is responsible for implementing the cultural policy of the Municipality of Eindhoven. We were asked to create a visual identity that harmonizes the no-nonsense policy they execute with the joy and cohesion that culture brings to society.


We developed an identity where clear communication is at the core of all assets. Built around a typographic foundation, the brand emerges as an adaptive entity that literally embraces every facet cultural Eindhoven has to offer. The vibrant identity provides Cultuur Eindhoven with the means to help cultural institutions expand their impact in ways that were otherwise impossible.

The logo is an adaptive typographic system that literally embraces every facet of what cultural Eindhoven has to offer.

It forms an energetic link reflecting the synergetic cultural life. At the same time emphasizing Cultuur Eindhovens value to acknowledge and respect all cultural diversities.

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The Eindhoven Cultuurprijs (Eindhoven Cultural Awards) is an initiative of Cultuur Eindhoven. It is an annual event where three awards are given to cultural creators: an award for new initiatives, an appreciation award and an award for the initiative chosen by the residents of Eindhoven.

Every year, we create the campaign for the awards. Residents of Eindhoven can nominate and vote through the website that we developed.

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